Supernatural Fiction Mystery Book Series

The right book can take you to another world and make you feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself. The Devil’s Choice series is no exception. Author Edwina Groat presents this supernatural fiction mystery book series that contains age-old themes of good versus evil mixed with supernatural creatures and lore.

Good Versus Evil

In this three-book series, you’ll get to know Zoe Erskine and Garth Avery and journey with them through murder, sabotage, and the twisted hands of fate. They’ll face evils of every realm and fight for their property, happiness, and lives.

Journey with them as they face corrupt politicians and financiers. Stand by them as they fight off evils both seen and unseen. And smile and laugh with them during all the happy times in between.

Joy of Reading

When you read a supernatural fiction mystery book, you escape into another world, similar enough to your own that you feel a part of it, but different enough that you get to experience a different life. And through reading, you can experience joys and turmoil, trials and victories, all from the safety of your own world.

You know where the evil is and you know what choices must be made, but you still get to accompany the main characters as they try to figure it out. And most of the time, you can feel the satisfaction of a happy ending that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on your own world.

Background of the Series

Edwina Groat has always had a passion for thinking and writing, and the Devil’s Choice series is just one of her creations. Join her characters on their journey, and you’ll get an exciting reading experience.

You can buy Cup of Evil and Evil Entombed today. And when you’ve finished those, come back for the final installment in the series.